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5th Generation Farming Family. 

For over 100 years our family has owned and operated Kahmoo Pastoral Company. We have dedicated our lives to feeding Australians and greatly relish the lifestyle it brings in doing so. 

Premium. Australian White. Lamb. 

We primarily produce Australian White Lamb, with a portion committed to organic produce. Our secondary interests involve cattle production, Stud Ram breeding and sustainable agriculture.

Backpacker? Student? Jackaroo?

If you identify with any of the above, you're already on your way to working with us. Expand your horizons and learn from experienced industry professionals by joining us at Kahmoo Pastoral Co. 


The comprehensive ~but quick~ rundown

The Station is one of the most historic pastoral stations in Queensland while still being an active farm. Originally bought by William Henry Young on the 26th of April 1911, Kahmoo has seen and lived the stories of five generations of family history. 


Kahmoo Station is a 80,000 acre block of history located  20 kilometres outside Cunnamulla in far Western Queensland. Though Kahmoo got its start in merino wool, it is now primarily involved in the commercial farming of 'meat' sheep known as the Australian White - though still heavily involved in stud ram operations, organic sheep and cattle. On average, Kahmoo is the home to roughly 12,000 sheep and 350 head of cattle as well as the owners who care for them, Kym Thomas, Greg Dunsdon, and Tony Reid. 

Many sustainable initiatives have been put in place at Kahmoo to both protect the natural environment and make it more sustainable for both now and future generations.

Supplying 90% of the Lamb sold by OUR COW



Kahmoo Pastoral Company 

Bulloo Developmental Road

Cunnamulla 4490

0431 033 877

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