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Meet the Family

Get to know the Kahmoo Crew
Kym Thomas
4th Generation 
Kym Thomas

Kym started her career as a nurse in Brisbane and moved back  to Cunnamulla in 1985. Now as CEO of Kahmoo Pastoral company, Kym busies herself with all aspects of running the farm; mustering in the plane, managing Kahmoo's finances, assisting in sheep embryo transplants, organising staff, hosting stock training days and running around yards. 

Tony Reid is a part of the small percentage of youth who are Australia's next generation of farmers. Though he has deep respect for the land and farming community, Tony plans to integrate his new-age ideas for changing the future direction of farming at Kahmoo. Tony married Francesca McLeod in 2017 and have since had three children, Sally, Annie and Rosie. 

Tony Reid
5th Generation 

A longtime friend of the Cunnamulla Shire community, Greg joined Kahmoo Pastoral Company in 2010 after marrying Kahmoo owner, Kym Thomas. His quiet intelligence and dry sense of humor has contributed to his success in farming. Prior to Kahmoo, Greg, alongside his two brothers, operated and owned another successful farm in Cunnamulla. 

Greg Dunsdon
Joined Partnership '10

This hardworking couple successfully ran Kahmoo when horses were still the main form of transport and cigarettes were considered safe. Unfortunately, Geoff passed December 2018. Anne is continuing to enjoy a well deserved retirement, though still keeps a keen interest in the dealings at Kahmoo. 

Anne & Geoff Thomas
3rd Generation 
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